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scissors and heart

Recent Entries

9/6/05 11:41 pm - mark_macabre

exploding organs
(dont reveal the secret)

8/31/05 03:30 pm - suspect_device1

last night we dropped off 5 copies of our latest single off at Neptune records (4th street), we have plans to drop of 5 more at Wendell's (washington?) soon.

they are free, and include 3 songs: 2 secret demos, and one comepletely remastered track off our self titled album.

8/29/05 12:30 am - chrisisacretin

welcome to the official scissors and heart lj community
we'll be posting show dates and other news in here
feel free to post in here too
as long as it isn't something marktarded
unless you're mark
then you can post something marktarded

we are currently selling our first album for $3 a copy
we'll have them with us at upcoming shows
you can talk to me or the other guys about getting a copy
the cd includes all four tracks we have up at our myspace and 7 more original tracks
so you should buy it when you have the chance
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